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Welcome fellow Ravens,

Its been a while since our last update so here it is.

Last episode now released, what next...

The final episode is released, the new expansion is announced. Now all we gotta do is wait patiently ;) like hell. As is usual we do a bit of a reorganisation at different times and this is going to be one of them. People are often interested in different things at the start of a new release than at the end of one, so let us know the sort of things you guys are wanting for the final months. Check the poll below.

I'll be redoing the schedules soon so there may be a change in some of the days and times.

Dark v Light self service

As you all noticed Komaga, Cerb and Praedica ran an insane ammount of Dark v Light events for you guys. First lets thank them for doing such an awesome job. Second we aren't gonna run so much of it now obviously. Fear not if you haven't done it all and still want to as there's still plenty of time for the event, and we have a thread for people to say if they are gonna do any runs. Feel free to contribute by joining someone's run or posting your own.

Dark v Light: Stupid Name Competition

DvL was really popular and it flooded our guild with new characters, new characters with really dumb names! Sooo, obviously we're gonna run a competition to see who got the best one... stay tuned for the prizes and a vote on the best worst name on either our imp side or rep side guilds :D

Conquest, lets get ready to rumble

October 11th is going to be a biggy for conquest - Revenge of the Revanites - this is the extremely rare week when Yavin 4 and Rishi are up for grabs and conquest goes insane... be warned and prepared for a big push! 

We've also been talking about bringing back the good old fashioned Raven Rampages, where we gather up a serious number of people for open world smashing of republic bases... because we can and it's terribly good fun. 

Dreadful Entity and Dreadtooth runs are abrewing

More details once we get a time sorted for this one, but it's incoming.

Gratz Pyroni

Pyroni, everyones favourite pylon crushed tank is now an officer and will be helping us to run operations. This also means he can write himself up as noob of the week when apropriate ;)

Have fun everyone, see you in the opses!

Welcome fellow Ravens,

Biowares latest event is here. Are you starting to think 'how will I ever get all that gaming done and get all those goodies'? well we are here to assist with some events and fun. 

Rep side guild - Intoxicated Raven Squad

We gave our rep side guild a bit of a spring clean. so if you want to group up to help out youre rep side light v dark alts, sign up! 

Flashpoint events

Theres alot of flashpoints in the dark v light list of achievments. Watch for lowbie & HM flashpoint events on the events page

PvP events

A great way to level up quick is pvp - those dailies and weeklies dish out alot of xp. grouping up for pvp is also a real good way to get wins and improve youre rewards - winners get more ! Watch for pvp events on the events page

Operations as usual

Theres ops bosses in the dark v light achievments, we always run alot of sm ops. Watch for sm ops events on the events page

World Boss Safari

those cheeky bioware types also snuck in some world boss achievments. These days it takes a sizeable group to get those boys down so we are gonna safari up and bag us some boss pelts. Not sure on the schedule for this one yet, but its on its way.