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Welcome Ravens old and new,

Yes, ive changed the front page news again, thats right Mordredd never runs out of words. This is a fact anyone who's been on my raids knows all too well ;) But this news item is to catchup on recent events (of which theres been alot) and tease some of our upcoming events. 


Gratz to the whole guild for a resounding success on a very difficult week. We couldnt have done it without every one of you. Special thanks to Komaga and Cerb for their wonderful organisation that made it all possible. Well done guys, you made us all proud!

Next week is Relics of the Gree, it's a bit of a weird week for conquest as Bioware didnt put alot of thought into how you score points... you get very little points for actually doing the event it's all centered around... shame! There will be guild runs against Xenoanalyst as usual. Stay tuned for the action to kick off tuesday as it always does with us. 

Ops start time

Thanks for the feedback in the last poll, were going to try and aim for a mix of 19:00 and 20:00 start times as theres clearly alot of people who prefer 19 but also plenty that cant do it... .therefor we do both! 

World Bosses! 

Remeber when we talked about doing Dreadful entity/Dreadtooth and then promptly got sidetracked? well... we remembered! Yay us! It's in the events page for 29th of October and it's going to be a Nightmare Pilgrim and Dreadful Entity run. So it's HM benchmark level. And for all those who dont have the correct protection we'll schedule some easy 1 stack dreadtooth runs.

Just so we dont forget all our non-benchmarked raiders, we'll also do a big 24 man Dreadtooth/World boss bash beforehand. Signup now! 2 weeks to go.  Also we have plenty of 16 man Xenoanalyst runs this week (tuesdays conquest run for Story mode, Wednesdays Open HM for HM...obviously)

Dark V Light

We ran an insane amount of Dark v Light events when it first started, and we were really succesful. But were way too tired still after all that to do it all again but i will be putting up the occasional small event up as i gotta grind some of the bits still myself. - stay tuned!

Dark v Light ends November 29th, same day that early acces for KoTET starts.

The plan for 5.0 preparation

Dulfy has a link for the twitch stream where the guys discuss the new things for 5.0 including uprisings. plus a breadown of what the hell uprisings is all about. Main points are:

  • Early access starts Nov 29th, all access Dec 2nd
  • in 5.0 we grind Command points, and we get end game gear for it  (you get command points from all content inc operations, flashpoints,pvp)
  • Dark vs light warring is gonna stay as a component of the game. plus you get command points for completing kotfe/kotet chapters so dont worry abouty getting ALL youre alts uptodate before the launch... you'll get more rewards for doing it after

As a guild we've done the transition between old and new expansions many times before, so were gonna:

  • Have a new events schedule after launch, featuring lots of story mode gear runs, no open hm's till later though
  • We'll need a new set of benchmarks, be patient as it'll take us a bit opf time to figure out what a good level is (plus for those old hands at ops, if you want to throw some ideas at us for tank/healer benchmark setups i'll be happy to listen)
  • Our two progression teams will steam through the new gearup phase nice and quick and get to the HM content long before we start up open hm runs.
  • Weve started a fresh thread to discuss best ways to gear up characters and best stats balance as ever. Please share youre clever thoughts on the best things to do to prep for the changes.

Gratz Ravens,

After some stellar organising and amazing participation levels we did better than expected in our first two days of conquesting. We got an impressive headstart and can take the foot off the accelerator pedal for a bit ;) Well done all! We are still doing conquest this week and still keeping those points rolling in but not so much on an industrial point scoring scale as we did tues and wed. 

'E's Only Gone and Changed the Bloody Schedule Already

Yes, we ll observed, i've modified the schedule :) its almost back to normal.

  • Thursday is still ops grinding for those that want the points/have a grudge against Hutts
  • Friday is a full run of Karragas Palace HM (with a mostly blind eye turned to benchmarks)
  • Saturday is Rampage!!!!! (i subscribe to the theory that i get alot of signups if i use alot of exclamation marks). We get a huge 24 man ops group and redecorate the Yavin 4 Republic base a delicate shade of 'explosive orange'.

Sign up now to guarantee places, we have had alot of new joiners so places are gonna fill up fast.