Three surprising things

Mordredd posted Sat at 10:53

Welcome fellow Ravens, 

Winter is now just a fading memory and we have sunshine and the beautiful outside world to enjoy. Unfortunately, the outside world is also full of politicians who seem to believe that they have failed to fuck up the world sufficiently to date and need to run more elections to do the job properly wink. But for those that are worried about being nuked by petulent 70 year old's with the mental capacity of a toddler, I have good news. 1) Trump likely doesn't know or can't remember the name of the guy who carries the nuclear launch codes. 2) We got new content to run in-game as a distraction!

Upcomming events:

  • Dreadful Entity/Nightmare Pilgrim/Dreadtooth triple bill to be announced in May
  • We are thinking about running a PvP Iokath event - Help us with feedback - Cool or stupid?

Progression team rumours 

There are indeed noises about pulling a 2nd progression team together.  If you want to add your name to those noises contact Thehand. If enough reliable noises are recruited it will happen. If not we'll likely form one later once enough reliable noises are found wink.

DISCLAIMER: Progression teams are incredible fun and by far the best way to get the HM/NiM bosses down. But a team only works if the team members always reliably turn up each day and the individual members developed the skills and teamwork needed to beat the mechanics. Ego's and strops not required or sought.

Three Surprising things:

  1. Joining a ops group on Iokath is problematic if some members of the team are playing for the other side
  2. Daleks was actually able to affect the outside world - link
  3. Quinn is more popular in the guild than feeding Ewoks to Rancors. Who knew?