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Welcome fellow Ravens,

Biowares latest event is here. Are you starting to think 'how will I ever get all that gaming done and get all those goodies'? well we are here to assist with some events and fun. 

Rep side guild - Intoxicated Raven Squad

We gave our rep side guild a bit of a spring clean. so if you want to group up to help out youre rep side light v dark alts, sign up! 

Flashpoint events

Theres alot of flashpoints in the dark v light list of achievments. Watch for lowbie & HM flashpoint events on the events page

PvP events

A great way to level up quick is pvp - those dailies and weeklies dish out alot of xp. grouping up for pvp is also a real good way to get wins and improve youre rewards - winners get more ! Watch for pvp events on the events page

Operations as usual

Theres ops bosses in the dark v light achievments, we always run alot of sm ops. Watch for sm ops events on the events page

World Boss Safari

those cheeky bioware types also snuck in some world boss achievments. These days it takes a sizeable group to get those boys down so we are gonna safari up and bag us some boss pelts. Not sure on the schedule for this one yet, but its on its way.

Welcome Ravens,

Are you feeling dizzy? if yes then you probably read the newspapers sometime over the weekend. Just remember when things go mental in the real world we still have lightsabers, spaceships and asteroids that do not concern us. Plenty has been going on with us here in our own starwarsy world, I shall get you all upto date.

Firestormrunner did a runner, Guild bank raider?

First the bad news. one of our members, Firestormrunner, checked out over 700 of our xp boosts from the guild bank at 08:00am on the 23rd and then removed himself from the guild. He cleaned us out. XP boosts were in the guild bank to help out our new joiners and new alts get to the fun quicker, and now we dont have any. This is likely related to the light/dark event where Bioware give prizes for creating and leveling new alts. The items in the guild bank are there for people to take and use, its there to help people, but i cant see how someone can possibly feel justified in taking the entire guilds supply of boost just before the rest of the guild was going to need them. We were too trusting with our guild bank permissions for recruits, it was an oversight and I have now had to tighten them up so appologies for anyone affected. 

Let me know if anyone knows where he went or whiich guild he's run off to so i can warn them of what they may have let themselves in for. Watch out for them on GTN, i suspect he likely did it for a profit.

Komaga and Cerb helping run conquests

Want to feel good about something? Cerb and Komaga will help... because they are helping, with conquest, and three wins in three weeks is a great start. Many thanks guys. Want to help yourselves? let them or an officer know and we can all help out to make things better for ourselves... this is what DRS is meant for.

Need to win a planet for the title? let us know! Want to win a planet title? then roll up youre sleeves and get scoring!!

Gree Week, Purple Tangent!

next week is Gree, this means Helix farming so watch for the events and sign up!

Light Side/ Dark Side Event

Otherwise known as Biowares 'level lots of alts for prizes, while we try to think of new content', yeah its a bit of a grind for those who have been in the game for a few years, but the prizes are good. Heres the dulfy guide

Essentially you get special packs for leveling an alt created after june 28th. You get more packs and prizes when you hit the milestones they set (first is to get to level25, 2nd milestone is to level 50). The packs contain random things (yes, likely an awful dye) have a small chance to contain real nice cartel items like cathar honour swords or Tulak Hord armour. We shall be running a few collective grind events to group up and speed through so watch the events that get created! 

Detoxified Rep Side

We are going to give our Rep side alt guild 'Detoxifed Raven Squad' a bit of a spring clean ahead of the event as many of us are likely to give rep side a try for our light side/dark side event attempts. 

Ask Praedica for invites, also ask Praedica if you want to help out over there :D

Astral Descend Hey I also did a lot of conquest... two weeks ago I actually was second after cerb by total conquest points... But sinc...
Praedica Kusya Firestormrunner went to Imperial Reclamation Service.