Tinarra posted Apr 7, 18


Following the server merge and the past months, Detoxified Raven Squad has lost a lot of members; through real life, dissatisfaction, annoyed at the way Bioware and EA are leading the game, lack of content etc. Detox will be merging with Cult of the Dread Masters, this is due to the lack of activity within DRS, events are struggling to get sign ups and just general over the board activity. We will begin the transition this week, and all members are welcome to join Cult with any and all characters, and TS, Discord and forum.



TS: - pass: blamedan

The atmosphere around cult is similar to drs back in the old days (A very social, friendly environment with an active and supportive player base) Cult partakes in daily gf ops, world boss hunts, PvP (ranked and unranked), Conquest and anything else in between. We are also looking into transitioning our HM runs over to Cult, to help develop and work as a team and establish a solid player base to continue into the more challenging Hard Modes.  

We hope that this will be a smooth transition and all of our active player base would like to stay together and continue to grow and meet some new people and have more fun!

Quick note, if anyone happens to move over while none of the current DRS people are online, or sending in an application online please just mention that you are coming from DRS.

Praedica It was an amazing run. Merging with Cult is the right call. Thanks so much to you, Tinarra, for keeping the light on, an...
Duffie just to clear this up - in general people are leaving the detox guild to join dread masters?