DRS Revamp

Praedica posted Jul 21, 18

Hi all,

DRS is getting a revamp. We're cleaning up the guild, flattening out the ranks. Tinarra has graciously handed over GM to Komaga. I want to take this opportunity to thank Tin for taking the thankless job in leading DRS in a trying time. I think I speak for many when I say that you were dealt a hard hand, and you made the best of it. Kudos!

And of course, welcome to Komaga, our new GM! Good luck, all the best, we'll try to be nice :)

On ranks:
There will be one GM, who will have a very small number of henchmen. We're getting rid of all ranks below, and replacing them with two ranks: Veteran and Member. The Veteran rank is for all those old dogs and dogettes who were an integral part of DRS for such a long time. It's just an honorary rank. Rights and such will be made more clear later, but we'll keep it simple, transparent, and convenient.

We'll also be cleaning up the roster, so if you log in and find your alt has been removed, and you want her or him back in, give a shout out :)

The idea is to reform ourselves as just a place to hang out, have some laughs. If you feel you can and want to be a part of that, let us know!


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Duffie but wheres the dps leaderboard!?! :(