Times of change

thehand posted Feb 12, 18

Greetings Fellow Ravens,

You may have noticed a some changes recently. It's a new year, and we're adjusting a few things with the goal of having everyone enjoy DRS as much as possible in coming weeks. Here's a brief summary of the most import ones

(Even more) casual HM raiding 

Lately we've had somewhat less interest on conquest events, for various reasons (everyone having titles, 236 gear being less relevant...). As result we're shifting a bit the schedule to replace those with a bit more challenging stuff in HMs (possibly NIM in the future as well, depending on how people feel). The extra nights there also lets us spend a bit more time in hard bosses that the open HMs didn't always crack, so that people gets some practice there rather than wiping a couple of times and moving on

Benchmarks are gone! 

We know that everyone will miss them, but we're trying out a different approach with regards to open HMs (at least for now). We're making them truly open, so that everyone is free to join without that BM hassle.

Of course, the idea of the benchmark was always to ensure that the people joining would pull their weight in the hard fights and not spoil the fun for everyone else in the group. We still aim for that, but now it'll be even more of a raid leaders' responsibility to make sure that it doesn't happen -including replacing the person that won't do his share, in bad cases-. 

We're recruiting! 

Another of the things we're trying out is opening up the gates for new members. We want more people, bring your friends! In order to speed up the process, we'll try for the coming days a new policy: every member gets the right to invite in-game, so no need to wait for those slacker officers! (it's still recommended to apply in the website, of course, if not a hard requirement).

A DRS discord 

We know, and in particular after the server merges it's become more common, that many guildies will have a bunch of tools on different guilds other than DRS. Whilst executing the traitors could have been a viable alternative, we're clearly getting soft and chose instead to create a new discord server to simplify communication (although we'll still use TS for raids, no worries). You can join it here

Last but not least 

Last -but certainly not least- we could not have these many changes without getting a new Guild Master with them: Tinarra was the slowest officer in yelling out "No way!" and is now our new boss. Congratulations, dear!

Please everyone wish her best of luck in this endevour; and don't be too surprised if you see some unusual unicorn-related rank in the coming days. And most important, don't scare her off too soon either! She might get weird ideas about returning it  wink

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